Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkin Drawing

Artist Statement:

My overall goal of this charcoal pumpkin drawing was to make it as realistic and emotional as possible. The way I accomplished these two goals was shading and value. What surprised me the most when completing my drawing was how much my value was correct and my blending of my colors. My drawing was huge on shadows, value, and composition. Shadows are key throughout any art work, they bring out the realistic feel. Value makes you understand to use both lights and darks, too much of one or the other makes your drawing or painting look fake. Finally composition should be interesting and draw the eyes of whoever is looking at it.

The most difficult challenged I had to face was not making my shadow to intense to the point I lost the bottom form of my pumpkin. I met this challenge by making sure that the shadow was way more in depth then the bottom of the pumpkin. This shift from the left side to the right side of my brain really kicked in when I began to squint and not look so much into detail but into the colors. My drawing really works in my value and my shapes.

I learned from this drawing that nothing is final, changes or adjustments can always be made. Mr.G, gave me this sense of composition, giving me a great view point that beings the observers eyes into my drawing. If I could do this drawing over I would fix my small pumpkin, my size is alittle off. Overall the most successful thing about my drawing was my value the dark and lights.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Artist Statement:

    My overall goal for this artwork was to bring out the dark and lights to show value. The way I accomplished my overall goal of making my value very intense was looking very carefully at the way light hit on my word. What surprised me the most when completing my drawing was how much emotion comes from shadow, shadows set the mood of an artwork. My artwork was about value, shadows, and composition. I brought out my value by blending colors, my shadows stood out due to how dark and in depth they were. My composition was interesting, I made sure that some part of my drawing went off the page.

    The biggest challenge I faced when working on my drawing was making sure my shadows brought out my emotion. The way I did this was by squinting making me focus on those values and not to much to the detail. The was I met this challenge was I made the shadows very intense, making this value occur. When I was was starting to draw my word I realized that there are no mistakes in art just adjustments when I realized that my right side of my brain went on a frenzy. My artwork really stands out on where it was placed and my shadows. Throughout the process of completing this drawing I learned that your artwork is never final, there are always adjustments to be made, also that making shadows to intense can affect how you values bend to one another.

   Mr.G showed me that starting very light will help map out your artwork, making small lines help you when you come back to finalize what you have drawn also letting you adjust any issues. If I could redo this drawing I would fix my shadows around the letter "L," they are to dark and intense for where the light hit on the word. Overall the best accomplishment was my shadows and that I learned to stop smudging so much and allowing my pencil to do the work.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Things I obsess over

Things I obsess over:

The reason I picked these pictures in particular was the meaning behind them. Each different image has an impact in my life. Either it being one of my favorite hobbies, food, or even someone special in my life.

Monday, October 3, 2016


Family is individuals that don't have to be blood related,  but that have your best interest at heart. They want the best for you and will help you reach that goal no matter what the cost is. They usually have open conversations with you on a regular basis. Most people don't realize the true meaning of what family is, even here at John Carroll we have a strong family bond.