Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Laundry Room

My Goal throughout this piece was to make sure my use of color within my shadows. I made sure to make black more a blueish/purple. I was surprised how thick working with oil paint was. My artwork is about color. My most difficult challenge was mixing oil paints without mixing the colors to a color I did not want. I met the challenge by slowly dragging colors into another when necessary. Using the right side of the brain involves not worrying about mistakes, in art mistakes are new ideas. My painting really works with my use of color throuhgout the areas you would not think with the left side of your brain. I have learned that using color in an exaggerated way is very drawing to the eye. Mr.G helped me realize that using this more open end of colors makes your painting more interesting to look at.  If I had to do my artwork over again I would make my proportions a little more on point. The best thing about my artwork is my use of colors really makes my shadows pop.