Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkin Drawing

Artist Statement:

My overall goal of this charcoal pumpkin drawing was to make it as realistic and emotional as possible. The way I accomplished these two goals was shading and value. What surprised me the most when completing my drawing was how much my value was correct and my blending of my colors. My drawing was huge on shadows, value, and composition. Shadows are key throughout any art work, they bring out the realistic feel. Value makes you understand to use both lights and darks, too much of one or the other makes your drawing or painting look fake. Finally composition should be interesting and draw the eyes of whoever is looking at it.

The most difficult challenged I had to face was not making my shadow to intense to the point I lost the bottom form of my pumpkin. I met this challenge by making sure that the shadow was way more in depth then the bottom of the pumpkin. This shift from the left side to the right side of my brain really kicked in when I began to squint and not look so much into detail but into the colors. My drawing really works in my value and my shapes.

I learned from this drawing that nothing is final, changes or adjustments can always be made. Mr.G, gave me this sense of composition, giving me a great view point that beings the observers eyes into my drawing. If I could do this drawing over I would fix my small pumpkin, my size is alittle off. Overall the most successful thing about my drawing was my value the dark and lights.

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  1. the shadows at the bottom of the pumpkin look very artistic.